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Screenshot of the Previous Step button used through the Help System for web design tool ViziGen-Page

These two arrows can be found towards the top left and top right corners of many pages.

They allow you to step forwards and backwards through the tutorials.

Screenshot of the Next Step button used through the Help System for web design tool ViziGen-Page
Screenshot showing a link to the help information available for the forms of web design application ViziGen-Page

This question mark symbol is used to give access to further information, should you require it.

Thumbnail of a screenshot - demonstrating the fact that you can generally click on screenshot to view them full size within web design tool ViziGen-Page

You can generally click on a screen-shot to view it full size. Try it above...

The design of the Help Centre is based on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words. It also makes heavy use of hyper-text links to reduce the amount you have to read - you click if you need the extra information. In addition it uses the following conventions to minimise the amount of reading that is necessary:

These yellow boxes contain the essential information.

Access to definitions is provided by this type of link: Corner Box (try it).

Access to the precise instruction for carrying out any particular task is provided as follows:

Procedure (try it).

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